Tesla Battery

Eli Forrester

Making Green Look Gold: How Tesla Made Sustainability Cool

It didn’t take long for Elon Musk’s announcement of the Tesla Powerwall to make the rounds on the web and social media. Even Facebook friends whose online presence rarely ventures into the intelligent or news-worthy category were posting about the Powerwall. It made me wonder: what makes this announcement different from the rest of the cleantech products that are coming to market? Most of the innovation that occurs in the energy industry goes largely unnoticed by the masses. What Tesla has done sets them apart from competitors: they make sustainability look good. They did it with the Model S, and more recently with the Powerwall.

Tesla Battery

The Tesla Powerwall. Photo: Reuters

Tesla Motors has elevated the EV market in a unique way by making electric cars look and feel different. All of a sudden driving an electric isn’t just environmentally and economically wise, it’s cool. It’s something new, its something sexy. While the Tesla line is still unaffordable for most, the fact remains that a benchmark has been set. The EV, or even a hybrid, isn’t just for the eco-friendly do-gooders anymore.

The Tesla Powerwall is an exciting product, not necessarily because the technology is revolutionary, but for what it means for the future of energy storage. What it represents is ground-breaking, and poses a friendly challenge to the rest of the industry. We are still very much in the early days of energy storage and it will be an exciting story to follow. Sooner than we think, the home energy storage system will be as commonplace as the family car.

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